Friday, 21 December 2012

Get a Dedicated Embroidery Digitizer to Make Christmas Gifting More Fun

While Christmas happens to be a time of year when families come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, it also is a time when get-togethers and jubilations rule the air. The biggest highlight for everyone is Christmas morning, when everybody gathers round the tree to open their presents. It is a moment of joy equally cherished by both kids and adults. This Christmas you can easily make sure to get your loved ones heart-warming gifts by hiring the services of an embroidery digitizer.

An embroidery digitizer can be your best ally to turn regular gifts into memorable keepsakes. The job of an embroidery digitizer is to help you turn original or inspired artwork into machine readable code that can be executed by embroidery machines to dole out exciting patterns on a variety of fabrics. You can choose to dress up your entire family in matching winter hats, jerseys, sweaters or even socks, making your family reunion all the more special. This way no matter where your loved ones flock to, they will always have something special to cherish and wear whenever they start missing home.

Gone are the days when you would have to toil away for hours to produce one signature piece of embroidery. With the help of an embroidery digitiser you can now compete with grandma’s signature embroidered pieces without investing a fraction of the time. Placing an order just a few weeks before the holiday season will still leave you with ample time to wrap them and have them ready for the big day. Simply let your embroidery digitizer know of the pattern you would like to have recreated and on what kind of fabric, and be prepared to amaze your loved ones with personalized gifts this holiday season. Making for the most convenient way to dress up your entire family in matching designs, a dedicated embroidery digitizer will even help you zero in on a design that will look excellent when placed on fabric.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Embroidery Digitizing Explained For the Newbie

While the ins and outs of the embroidery digitizing industry work more or less like any other service industry, there are a few terms and concepts that can seem very typical to first timers. The following is a guide for those who are trying out embroidery digitizing services for the first time, so that they are better acquainted with the terminology and understand exactly what they should expect.

Embroidery Digitizing – Simply put embroidery digitizing sums up the entire process that is involved in the conversion of designs/artwork into digitized files. These digitized files are created by embroidery digitizers using industry specific software in order to help you get designs onto fabric with the help of embroidery machines.

Digitizers – This is the terminology used to address professionals in the field of digitizing embroidery who are quintessential to the entire digitization process. Using specialized software, digitizers convert your logo/design/artwork into digitized files. It is the responsibility of the digitizer to ensure that the final digitized file has been checked for quality before it is handed over so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Digitized Files – These are the files that you are left with at the end of the entire digitizing embroidery process. Digitized files contain the code responsible for instructing embroidery machines to execute your designs on fabric. DST by Tajima happens to be the most popular format in which digitized files are delivered, since it is recognized by a majority of the embroidery machines in the industry today.

– A fairly recent term created by those in the industry, it relates to the feasibility of recreating your artwork to the tee on fabric. A design considered to be “stitchable” or “embroidery-friendly” can be digitized without any manipulations; however, those considered “unstitchable” have to be tweaked by the digitizer or the embroidery digitizing service provider, so that they can embroidered onto the fabric of your choice.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Making Thanksgiving Memorable With the Help of an Embroidery Digitising Service

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when everyone takes stock and is grateful for the love and abundance they have found in their lives. A harvest festival, Thanksgiving gives families the opportunity to come together and celebrate the spirit of abundance and sharing. While food items tend to dominate the list of gifts given on Thanksgiving, you can take this opportunity to present your loved ones with exciting memorabilia that they can cherish for a long time to come. And, this can easily be achieved with the help of an experienced embroidery digitising service in tow.

This Thanksgiving you could add custom embroidered scarves, t-shirts or even tablecloths to your gift basket to present your family with keepsakes that possibly will last them a lifetime, as it is a well-known fact that well cared for fabrics tend to stand the test of time. With the help of a professional embroidery digitising service, you could get your grand or great-grandmother’s signature embroidery designs to be a part of your family’s legacy once again. No matter how good or bad your embroidery skills, a professional embroidery digitising service provider can help you replicate even the most intricate of handmade designs passed on from generations into machine readable codes in a matter of hours, which can then be easily sewed onto the fabric of your choice.

By choosing an experienced embroidery digitising service such as Powerstitch, you can get digitized files of your favorite custom or inherited artwork in no time, helping you make bulk presents just in time for the festive season. Getting the entire family to wear custom embroidered t-shirts, jerseys or even caps puts everyone in the holiday mood and brings in a sense of belonging from the word go.

At Powerstitch, we offer you professional digitising embroidery services at the most competitive prices available in the industry. We not only offer to create left chest, hat and full back designs that fit right into your budget, but also offer to produce portrait designs as part of our embroidery digitising service bouquet, helping you immortalize your near and dear ones. So go ahead and present your loved ones with beautiful memories this festive season, minus the hassle.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Embroidery Digitizing for a Fun-filled Christmas

Christmas Eve marks the beginning of the holiday season which runs up to the New Year bringing joy and new beginnings to everyone’s doorstep. Christmas is that time of the year when everything seems a tad bit better and everyone chooses to be a tad bit happier. It also happens to lift up spirits and bring the family closer, as gifts are exchanged that either refresh good ol’ memories or end up creating new ones that are to be cherished for a lifetime. This Christmas, Powerstitch can help you present your family members with things that are made of memories with its embroidery digitizing skills at your service.

Gone are the days when you would have to be hunched over a piece of cloth trying to create beautiful pieces of embroidery. These days you can avail the assistance of a professional embroidery digitizing service provider and transform your artwork from an image file into a custom piece of embroidery in a matter of days if not hours. You can add that same special touch to your Christmas gifts like your grandmother or great-grandmother did in their time and era, without the need to toil away.

An digitizing embroidery specialist can help you put your favorite designs, sceneries, family portraits and more onto the fabric of your choosing. Whether you would prefer to gift a custom-made collage quilt or personalized Christmas stockings to your loved ones this festive season, our embroidery digitizing services are up for the taking. You could also bring in innovative ideas to get pillow covers, sweaters, jerseys, woolen caps or even socks to feature the embroidery patterns of your choice, sewing together your loved ones in the single thread of harmony. Simply let us know about the image you are seeking to get digitized and the fabric you are looking to get it embroidered upon, and we will have our embroidery digitizing experts at your service in no time.

Monday, 22 October 2012

An Embroidery Digitizing Service That Allows You to Express Yourself

Whether you are a fashion designer looking to express yourself through custom pieces or a regular Joe looking to immortalize your pet, with Powerstitch’s embroidery digitizing service in tow you get to express yourself in embroidery, at the most competitive prices available in the market. With almost a decade of experience in providing the best embroidery digitizing service in the world, we offer you the chance to wear your designs in fabric or even make other wear them, without putting a major dent in your budget.

No matter what your requirement, we have the capability to bring you the desired results in one of the shortest turnaround times rare can claim to match. We have put together our expertise and observations gathered over the years operating as a top-notch embroidery digitizing service in the industry, to equip ourselves with a process that allows us to cater to your embroidery needs precisely and at the earliest. Our professional team of dedicated digitizers are trained and equipped with first-rate software to provide you with digitized files in no time, without inflating your bill for rush orders.

As an experienced embroidery digitizing service, we understand that rush, bulk and regular orders need to treated in the same manner and have thus, developed the ability to be flexible enough to tackle with all three situations with ease. This is the reason why we do not choose to charge our customers extra for rush deliveries, while ensuring to maintain the same quality and following the same quality standards as in a regular delivery.

With an affordable and reliable embroidery digitizing service provider like us in tow, you can experiment with a number of patterns and designs to help preserve or create memories, while enjoying flat rates for left chest, hat and full back designs. As a fashion designer or garment manufacturer, you can enjoy regular rates and discounts even on rushed and bulk orders. And, as a corporate by choosing our embroidery digitizing service, you can be sure of getting your logo replicated to the tee on fabric without losing its essence.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Skilled Embroidery Digitizer: The Backbone of Any Digitizing Company

At, we understand the importance of having only well-qualified and skilled embroidery digitizers as part of our team, since they are the ones responsible for the accurate replication of your designs on fabric. The ultimate quality of your artwork, logos and designs majorly depends on the skills and efficiency level of the embroidery digitizer assigned to the task and thus, his/her proficiency has a direct impact on your experience with us.

In order to offer you the best embroidery digitizing experience, it only makes sense for us to employ the best digitizers in the industry. To be a Powerstitch Design Studio embroidery digitizer, one needs to possess a number of skills, besides the obvious expertise in software and embroidery. A Powerstitch embroidery digitizer, or stitch-artist as we like to call them, needs to be a visionary, since he/she should be able to dissect a design as soon as it is presented to them in order to evaluate its feasibility in terms of embroidery and also how each element of thread, color as well as stitching techniques needs to come together in order to provide you with exceptional results on fabric.

A Powerstitch embroidery digitizer should also possess sharp analytical skills in order to perceive the effects of a particular change in the ultimate embroidered piece. He/she should also have a full understanding of the operating dynamics between the thread, fabric, stitching technique as well as the execution of the embroidery machine in order to develop a code that optimizes the production run, while minimizing any kind of damage to the fabric or thread breakage during the process.

Last, but not the least, a Powerstitch embroidery digitizer should be an extraordinary trouble-shooter, so that he/she can easily find solutions to the hitches that are discovered during the quality check run; all in time to deliver you the desired results within your stipulated timeframe.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Touch of Uniqueness for Every Uniform

Be it a music society, algebra society, aerobics society or dramatics society, every society in school means a lot to the students who are a part of it. And, just like the students and activities that each society undertakes, the uniform of each society should also be distinguished so that it stands out from the others. It is therefore, a good idea to have separate uniforms for each society, or at least have a different logo for each one, so that it represents the kind of virtues that each society stands for. It is these small things that combine to make a school the best institution of learning in any locality. The precision in everything and the love for discipline are the values that a school inculcates in young brains studying in it. This is where an embroidery digitising service comes into play, to add a unique sparkle to every student’s uniform and life alike.  

At Powerstitch, we have been adding a distinguished touch of logos to school uniforms in a variety of geographies. The idea is to let the uniqueness of every society shine through from amongst the uniformity of characters. Embroidery digitising service is one procedure that enables you to stamp the uniforms with a fresh perspective and give students something to reckon with.  The embroidery digitising service offered by Powerstitch has been said to be excellent, as we aim at offering only the best to our clients.

Embroidery digitising service is the process of converting designs into digitized formats, which are readable by embroidery machines. These smart machines then sew the designs onto the fabric of your choice with extreme precision and speed. Bespoke embroidery digitising services have brought about a revolution of sorts as they allow one to produce bulk orders in no time.

Being associated with experts such as Powerstitch helps you get the best of embroidery digitizing services. We not only make sure that our digitized files are in accordance with your instructions, but also that they rank high on quality, run smoothly during production, all the while being easy on your budget, to offer your students keepsakes instead of uniforms that are cherished for long even after graduation.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Turn Those Annual Days into Memorable Affairs

Every employee loves the idea of being treated like he/she belongs to the company. Therefore, gifts given to employees on festive occasions or on annual days in offices are just ways to make the employer-employee bond stronger. Further, if only you could add value to those gift items by adding the logo of your company onto them, it would significantly increase the importance of those items for your staff. And, what better way to get the logo stitched onto the items than by opting for an embroidery digitizing service that helps the design work last an age without losing color?

Be it a neck tie, a velvet wallet, a handbag or a T-shirt, you can add value to those festive treats that you are planning to surprise your employees with by including your logo on the same. While the market is flooded with a plethora of embroidery digitizing service providers out there; however, there are only a few who possess the expertise and know-how to do it in the best way. At Powerstitch, we own a specialized team of expert digitizers, who excel in providing embroidery digitizing services and are well-trained in the intricacies of the trade. It is this strong base of digitizers that has made us capable of handling bulk orders with much ease.

We have been digitizing logos for a variety of merchandise for almost a decade, to make annual days and festive occasions a special time for employers and employees alike. Our team of embroidery digitizing service providers knows that the company logo is more than just a design, and is therefore quite mindful to maintain the quality and appeal of your artwork. At Powerstitch, we believe in adding value and sentiment to every piece of merchandise, as we digitize logos for caps, T shirts and even neckties. We know that adding the company logo to the merchandise turns mere items into mementos and therefore, helps us stand tall as one of the finest embroidery digitizing service providers in the market. Our embroidery digitizing service comes with minimum turnaround time and is offered at highly competitive prices, for your benefit.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Keeping Traditions Alive With Digitising Embroidery

Digitising embroidery is the process of conveniently taking your artwork and converting it into a gorgeous design that has the potential to last on fabric forever. Most of us must remember our grandmothers toiling away with a needle and thread, bent over a large frame to give everyday items an elegant twist. We can easily relate to the embroidered designs that have graced our bed sheets, pillow covers, table cloths, TV covers and more. However, given the shift in priorities and change of times, such embroidered designs are now only perhaps left as souvenirs, but all this stands to change as we give you the power of Embroidery Digitiser.

Even if you do not know how to thread a needle, you can still look forward to giving your son/daughter embroidered bed sheet sets, tea cozies, cloth lamp shades, wall hangings and more as their wedding gift that feature custom designs that have either been an heirloom or hold a special place in their heart using Embroidery Digitising techniques. With this technique at your disposal, you have the liberty to put special wishes to fancy patterns on fabric and make it a memorable and most personal gift experience ever, without ever having to lift a needle. Something that you know will be cherished for generations.

With the help of digitising embroidery, you can also think of making that store bought t-shirt for your grandson or granddaughter a customized gift that features their name, your wishes for them, or some other pattern that runs in your family. You can now truly pass on traditions that have been in your family without having to worry about your sewing skills, as digitising embroidery puts your favorite designs onto fabric with accuracy and convenience, since the code that is delivered in the digitized file directs the embroidery machine to do the labor for you.

So, all you doting mothers and grandmothers, or even fathers can now keep the tradition alive in your household with the help of Embroidery Digitising techniques that take the tediousness out of embroidering.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Your Step-By-Step Walk Through On the Process of Digitizing Embroidery

Clients often come up to us, some curious, some fascinated, about how their designs are transformed into digital files that bring out their visions onto fabric with such precision. In this blog, we shall explain to you how Powerstitch handles your digitizing embroidery requests, and which elements are responsible for getting you the perfect digitized solution.

From the time that artwork is offered to us, till the time a digitized file is returned, your design goes through a number of digitizing embroidery processes. The first of this list is the delivery of your artwork to the order checking unit. Here, your designs are analyzed for their stitchability quotient, as well as measured up to any special requests you may have. Before embarking on the process of Embroidery Digitizing for your design, our order checking unit ensures that all your expectations and requests are recorded, so as to minimize ambiguity.

The next step in the digitizing embroidery process is the allocation of the right digitizer for your request. Our order checking unit ensures that all your instructions for digitizing embroidery are delivered and explained to the Embroidery Digitizer before he/she commences work on the assignment. The allocated digitizer then goes ahead to use his/her skills and expertise in order to convert your artwork into the code that will match the format in your instructions. He/she will not only look into the software aspect of the digitization, but also other dynamics such as stitch style, color scheme, kind of needlework required, the fabric, as well as production run.

Once our Embroidery Digitizer is content with the work, the digitized file is then run through two quality checks. During the first quality check, we will ensure that all your requirements and expectations have been met. However, during the second round of quality checks we will make sure that the digitized file is production-ready, wherein we will keep a keen eye out for any hiccups such as thread breaks, excessive stitches, extra trims, etc. Thus, ensuring you gets only the highest quality of design out of the entire Embroidery Digitizing process.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Taking Your Collection to the Next Level with an Exclusive Embroidery Digitizer

The fashion world is quite relentless, especially when it comes to taking your collection from the boutique to the next level. Though trends can be sustained for a longer period of time locally; however, if you need to make an impact with your embroidered designs at the inter-state or global level, you would definitely need the expertise and reliability of an exclusive embroidery digitizer at your beck and call.

Challenges faced at the global level are very different from those you must be used to tackling in the local market. Two of the major issues that you would inevitably have to overcome include mass production and fresh collections before every season. And, in case your designs rely heavily on uniquely embroidered pieces, this would make the support of a professional embroidery digitizer imperative to the process of getting your designs to the rack on time each season.

Having a dedicated embroidery digitizer would give you a good chance of tackling the above two issues effectively, as he would not only become familiar with your design and time needs in due course, but also ensure strict confidentiality. As you would come to work together for longer, it would be easier for your embroidery digitizer to understand your vision and digitize the same immaculately with speed, so that each piece carries a perfect replica of your original artwork and makes it to the stands well in time for the season opening.

At Powerstitch, we understand the stiff competition and needs specific to the fashion industry. This is why we offer our clients the full support of a sizeable team of talented embroidery digitizers, who are highly skilled in terms of software usage as well as the intricacies of embroidery. With thorough professionals trained to deliver within the strictest of timelines, you can be assured of an ally in Powerstitch, who will ensure that only the highest quality files make it to the production run for a seamless process fashioned for success.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How Gift Shops Can Benefit From Digitizing Embroidery

Gift shops are always under pressure to come up with new and unique gifting ideas that set them apart from their competition. Whether you own a local gift shop, or one online, you can’t deny that innovation is key. Also, in a competitive world like today’s, chances are, before your innovations get a chance to hang the sold out board, they would end up finding copies of themselves on your competitors’ shelves. This is where a digitizing embroidery service provider can be of help.

By finding yourself a reliable digitizing embroidery partner, you can create custom artwork to go on a number of fabrics as gift items. You could have special t-shirts, hats, hoodies, pillow covers, table cloths, bed sheets, wall hangings and much more adorned with special embroidery patterns unique to your shop. Having a personal digitizing embroidery collaborator would also mean that your designs are safe, since copying an embroidered design would take much more of an effort than to reproduce digital art, considering the elements of stitch, color and quality of thread at play. Also, once familiar with your needs, the digitizer will be able to churn out designs faster, giving you the edge of novelty over competition.

By opting to tie up with a particular digitizing embroidery company for all your digitization needs, you can not only be assured of a quick turnaround, but also offer your clients premium services, such as putting their favorite pet or person portrait, or custom pattern on cloth. You can offer to create personalized designs for them on demand, and truly give them items that would hold value as gifts.

Partnering with Powerstitch for your digitizing needs will not only give you access to high quality designs, generated in the fastest possible time, with the benefit of confidentiality, but also get you the most competitive prices available in the digitizing embroidery industry, giving you the chance to add to your bottom line.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Where Affordability Meets A Quality Digitising Embroidery Service

At Powerstitch, we have always believed in providing quality services at the best possible prices to our clients. For this, we offer digitising embroidery designs at some of the most competitive prices in the industry, and are also open to challenging competitor prices. We believe that our clients should benefit from the complete package and thus, offer quality, a fast turnaround time and the services of the best digitizers in the industry, all at a price that is easy on your pocket.

With over 8 years of delivering excellence in the industry of digitising embroidery, we have developed a unique workflow system that helps us cater to your needs efficiently. Treating digitising embroidery designs as both an art and a science, we have been able to develop a keen sense of understanding on where and how we can pass on the benefit of costs to you. Our team of skilled digitizers operates at optimal productivity levels, which is one of the reasons why we are able to transfer the advantages of cost savings to you.

Our dedicated team is always on their toes trying to come up with new schemes and offers that can help first timers enjoy the benefits of our digitising embroidery service at a fine price. Currently, we are offering to digitize the first three designs for you at just £6 each, giving you the opportunity to sample our services at a highly effective price. While this is only one of our initiatives, you could either request a free quote online, or fill in the digitising embroidery order form available on our website, so that our checking team can get back to you with the best possible package we would have to offer you.

Recognizing that each client has requirements unique to them, we offer customized prices for our services, ensuring that you get absolute value for money.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Collaborate Now For the Best Embroidery Digitising Service Experience

The embroidery service industry has become quite a competitive space. It is no longer the industry that would receive select orders with liberal timelines. With the global market taking on an aggressive streak, embroidery service providers too have to deal with bulk orders and tight timelines. With clients ranging from design houses to event managers and even corporations, embroidery service providers need to get up to speed and fast. This is where collaborating with a dedicated embroidery digitising service provider can come in handy.

While your team takes care of arranging for the fabrics to the needles and everything in between, we can help them make good time on orders by supporting them with our expert embroidery digitising services. No matter how intricate or elaborate the artwork, we are capable of turning it into the digitized format of your choice. Our highly skilled and trained team of digitizers is capable of handling bulk orders with ease. With up to 15 work stations available to work on your designs, we are certain that we can help you meet the timeline of any client, no matter how demanding.

With a dedicated embroidery digitising service provider at your discretion, your team will now have the time and space to do what they excel at. We further add to the efficiency of our collaboration by maintaining an affordable, flat rate of pricing. Unlike many other embroidery digitising service providers, we do not believe in charging per 1000 stitches and offer flat rate pricing on hat, left chest and full back logos for your convenience. We also have a dedicated team for online support in case you or your customers have any issues.

Irrespective of whether you already have a digitizer on your team and need urgent support, or you wish to outsource, we offer you professional collaboration on embroidery digitising services with the aim to give you the best experience with affordable prices, quick turnarounds and superior quality digitization.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Packing that Power in Your Stitch with Embroidery Digitizing Services

Getting that custom artwork or logo to match your client’s original design each time can be quite a daunting task. And, hiring a full-time digitizer on your payroll may not always prove to be the most prudent choice. Therefore, we, at Powerstitch, help you pack that power into your stitch with personalized embroidery digitizing services. With a dedicated, reliable embroidery digitizing service provider at your discretion, you can be assured of getting your orders complete on time, every time.

Having studied the embroidery digitizing service industry for a considerable amount of time from a vantage position, we have developed a superior workflow system. Combining our specialized system with the talent of highly skilled digitizers, we offer you the best turnaround time, without compromising on quality. With a daily capacity of recreating over 60 immaculate designs, we give you the flexibility to accept those last-minute orders without giving execution a second thought, thereby, giving you the power to get aggressive on your customer acquisition strategy.

At Powerstitch, we aim at being your go-to embroidery digitizing service providers, as we not only offer the most efficient turnaround time in the industry, but also the most competitive prices. Also, since we support most formats and ensure efficient production runs on the digitized artwork, you can be assured of quality results that are within budget.

Keeping your convenience in mind, we have incorporated easy to use, online order forms, so that you can reach us at the earliest, and we can get started without any delays. Our online support team further ensures that you are 100% satisfied with our embroidery digitizing services by offering you timely assistance and troubleshooting when you need it.

With a seamless process, quick turnaround time, seasoned digitizers, competitive prices, and a dedicated support team at your discretion, Powerstitch empowers you with a reliable digitizing partner that helps you leapfrog competition.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

What Embroidery Digitising Can Do For Your Brand?

In the times of cut-throat competition and consumers being flooded with information, it becomes absolutely necessary for your brand to stand out and entail recall value. While there exist a host of promotional gimmicks that can get your brand to the target audience, what needs to be thought about is the life of such promotional merchandise. 

One of the most popular ways of placing brand logos and information on merchandise is printing. However, printing suffers from a few shortfalls such as it fades away with time, can get chipped off easily, or in some cases can even start peeling off almost immediately. Another shortfall with printing is that it is not compatible with all kinds of surfaces or fabrics. This is where embroidery digitising steps in. 

Embroidery digitising is the process of taking an image and converting it into computer readable data that can then be used by an embroidery machine to stitch onto fabric. The embroidery digitising process is fine-tuned by a digitizer to be compatible with the kind of fabric you would like your brand logo to go onto. Since embroidery digitising is a process that helps convert any pattern or artwork into an embroidery-ready design, it accurately duplicates the finer nuances of your logo, making it recognizable.

Using embroidery, you can choose to get your logo onto a wider range of materials such as caps, t-shirts, bags, jackets, hoodies, along with a variety of non-wearables such as seat covers, banners, tablecloths and much more. Bottom line being that your brand will benefit from greater visibility. A few other added advantages of placing your logo in embroidery are that it not only looks more appealing, but also lasts longer. It does not fade off with time, cannot be washed away and unless really messed with, will last until your merchandise does. This means that with a simple decision of going with embroidery digitising, you can now lend your brand logo a longer life, thereby giving your brand wider reach.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Many Hats Donned By an Embroidery Digitiser

While many of you may think that an embroidery digitiser does nothing more than click a few buttons and feed some code into a machine to get the patterns on cloth, we would like to give you a little more insight into the role played by such a person. The scope of work that comes under his purview is much larger than generally believed. In the course of completing a particular job, the embroidery digitiser has to don several hats, of which we have tried to explain a few:

Analyst: An embroidery digitiser not only needs to analyze and understand the machinery he is working with in order to get the best results, but also understand the computer in order to work the software in the desired manner. He has to be an expert analyst of both to be able to use their synergies to get the desired results.

Visionary: The embroidery digitiser has to be a visionary in order to pre-conceive the results of a particular change. He also needs to be a visionary to be able to foresee whether a particular design is embroidery-friendly, and how he can make it embroidery-ready without losing its identity and with the least amount of changes.

Researcher: An embroidery digitiser needs to take on the role of a researcher and experiment with a variety of colors and stitch patterns to be able to bring you an end result that perfectly matches your creation. Researching font types and the sort of needle work that would best complement it tend to be the trickiest areas.

Trouble Shooter: The embroidery digitiser also needs to be a remarkable trouble-shooter in order to arrive at the desired result. He needs to take into account the fragility of the fabric, needle as well as the thread to be able to give you a smooth running application that brings your creation to life with the least possible amounts of hitches.