Monday, 22 October 2012

An Embroidery Digitizing Service That Allows You to Express Yourself

Whether you are a fashion designer looking to express yourself through custom pieces or a regular Joe looking to immortalize your pet, with Powerstitch’s embroidery digitizing service in tow you get to express yourself in embroidery, at the most competitive prices available in the market. With almost a decade of experience in providing the best embroidery digitizing service in the world, we offer you the chance to wear your designs in fabric or even make other wear them, without putting a major dent in your budget.

No matter what your requirement, we have the capability to bring you the desired results in one of the shortest turnaround times rare can claim to match. We have put together our expertise and observations gathered over the years operating as a top-notch embroidery digitizing service in the industry, to equip ourselves with a process that allows us to cater to your embroidery needs precisely and at the earliest. Our professional team of dedicated digitizers are trained and equipped with first-rate software to provide you with digitized files in no time, without inflating your bill for rush orders.

As an experienced embroidery digitizing service, we understand that rush, bulk and regular orders need to treated in the same manner and have thus, developed the ability to be flexible enough to tackle with all three situations with ease. This is the reason why we do not choose to charge our customers extra for rush deliveries, while ensuring to maintain the same quality and following the same quality standards as in a regular delivery.

With an affordable and reliable embroidery digitizing service provider like us in tow, you can experiment with a number of patterns and designs to help preserve or create memories, while enjoying flat rates for left chest, hat and full back designs. As a fashion designer or garment manufacturer, you can enjoy regular rates and discounts even on rushed and bulk orders. And, as a corporate by choosing our embroidery digitizing service, you can be sure of getting your logo replicated to the tee on fabric without losing its essence.