Thursday, 12 July 2012

Keeping Traditions Alive With Digitising Embroidery

Digitising embroidery is the process of conveniently taking your artwork and converting it into a gorgeous design that has the potential to last on fabric forever. Most of us must remember our grandmothers toiling away with a needle and thread, bent over a large frame to give everyday items an elegant twist. We can easily relate to the embroidered designs that have graced our bed sheets, pillow covers, table cloths, TV covers and more. However, given the shift in priorities and change of times, such embroidered designs are now only perhaps left as souvenirs, but all this stands to change as we give you the power of Embroidery Digitiser.

Even if you do not know how to thread a needle, you can still look forward to giving your son/daughter embroidered bed sheet sets, tea cozies, cloth lamp shades, wall hangings and more as their wedding gift that feature custom designs that have either been an heirloom or hold a special place in their heart using Embroidery Digitising techniques. With this technique at your disposal, you have the liberty to put special wishes to fancy patterns on fabric and make it a memorable and most personal gift experience ever, without ever having to lift a needle. Something that you know will be cherished for generations.

With the help of digitising embroidery, you can also think of making that store bought t-shirt for your grandson or granddaughter a customized gift that features their name, your wishes for them, or some other pattern that runs in your family. You can now truly pass on traditions that have been in your family without having to worry about your sewing skills, as digitising embroidery puts your favorite designs onto fabric with accuracy and convenience, since the code that is delivered in the digitized file directs the embroidery machine to do the labor for you.

So, all you doting mothers and grandmothers, or even fathers can now keep the tradition alive in your household with the help of Embroidery Digitising techniques that take the tediousness out of embroidering.