Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Your Step-By-Step Walk Through On the Process of Digitizing Embroidery

Clients often come up to us, some curious, some fascinated, about how their designs are transformed into digital files that bring out their visions onto fabric with such precision. In this blog, we shall explain to you how Powerstitch handles your digitizing embroidery requests, and which elements are responsible for getting you the perfect digitized solution.

From the time that artwork is offered to us, till the time a digitized file is returned, your design goes through a number of digitizing embroidery processes. The first of this list is the delivery of your artwork to the order checking unit. Here, your designs are analyzed for their stitchability quotient, as well as measured up to any special requests you may have. Before embarking on the process of Embroidery Digitizing for your design, our order checking unit ensures that all your expectations and requests are recorded, so as to minimize ambiguity.

The next step in the digitizing embroidery process is the allocation of the right digitizer for your request. Our order checking unit ensures that all your instructions for digitizing embroidery are delivered and explained to the Embroidery Digitizer before he/she commences work on the assignment. The allocated digitizer then goes ahead to use his/her skills and expertise in order to convert your artwork into the code that will match the format in your instructions. He/she will not only look into the software aspect of the digitization, but also other dynamics such as stitch style, color scheme, kind of needlework required, the fabric, as well as production run.

Once our Embroidery Digitizer is content with the work, the digitized file is then run through two quality checks. During the first quality check, we will ensure that all your requirements and expectations have been met. However, during the second round of quality checks we will make sure that the digitized file is production-ready, wherein we will keep a keen eye out for any hiccups such as thread breaks, excessive stitches, extra trims, etc. Thus, ensuring you gets only the highest quality of design out of the entire Embroidery Digitizing process.