Thursday, 15 March 2012

What Embroidery Digitising Can Do For Your Brand?

In the times of cut-throat competition and consumers being flooded with information, it becomes absolutely necessary for your brand to stand out and entail recall value. While there exist a host of promotional gimmicks that can get your brand to the target audience, what needs to be thought about is the life of such promotional merchandise. 

One of the most popular ways of placing brand logos and information on merchandise is printing. However, printing suffers from a few shortfalls such as it fades away with time, can get chipped off easily, or in some cases can even start peeling off almost immediately. Another shortfall with printing is that it is not compatible with all kinds of surfaces or fabrics. This is where embroidery digitising steps in. 

Embroidery digitising is the process of taking an image and converting it into computer readable data that can then be used by an embroidery machine to stitch onto fabric. The embroidery digitising process is fine-tuned by a digitizer to be compatible with the kind of fabric you would like your brand logo to go onto. Since embroidery digitising is a process that helps convert any pattern or artwork into an embroidery-ready design, it accurately duplicates the finer nuances of your logo, making it recognizable.

Using embroidery, you can choose to get your logo onto a wider range of materials such as caps, t-shirts, bags, jackets, hoodies, along with a variety of non-wearables such as seat covers, banners, tablecloths and much more. Bottom line being that your brand will benefit from greater visibility. A few other added advantages of placing your logo in embroidery are that it not only looks more appealing, but also lasts longer. It does not fade off with time, cannot be washed away and unless really messed with, will last until your merchandise does. This means that with a simple decision of going with embroidery digitising, you can now lend your brand logo a longer life, thereby giving your brand wider reach.

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