Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Skilled Embroidery Digitizer: The Backbone of Any Digitizing Company

At, we understand the importance of having only well-qualified and skilled embroidery digitizers as part of our team, since they are the ones responsible for the accurate replication of your designs on fabric. The ultimate quality of your artwork, logos and designs majorly depends on the skills and efficiency level of the embroidery digitizer assigned to the task and thus, his/her proficiency has a direct impact on your experience with us.

In order to offer you the best embroidery digitizing experience, it only makes sense for us to employ the best digitizers in the industry. To be a Powerstitch Design Studio embroidery digitizer, one needs to possess a number of skills, besides the obvious expertise in software and embroidery. A Powerstitch embroidery digitizer, or stitch-artist as we like to call them, needs to be a visionary, since he/she should be able to dissect a design as soon as it is presented to them in order to evaluate its feasibility in terms of embroidery and also how each element of thread, color as well as stitching techniques needs to come together in order to provide you with exceptional results on fabric.

A Powerstitch embroidery digitizer should also possess sharp analytical skills in order to perceive the effects of a particular change in the ultimate embroidered piece. He/she should also have a full understanding of the operating dynamics between the thread, fabric, stitching technique as well as the execution of the embroidery machine in order to develop a code that optimizes the production run, while minimizing any kind of damage to the fabric or thread breakage during the process.

Last, but not the least, a Powerstitch embroidery digitizer should be an extraordinary trouble-shooter, so that he/she can easily find solutions to the hitches that are discovered during the quality check run; all in time to deliver you the desired results within your stipulated timeframe.