Monday, 5 March 2012

The Many Hats Donned By an Embroidery Digitiser

While many of you may think that an embroidery digitiser does nothing more than click a few buttons and feed some code into a machine to get the patterns on cloth, we would like to give you a little more insight into the role played by such a person. The scope of work that comes under his purview is much larger than generally believed. In the course of completing a particular job, the embroidery digitiser has to don several hats, of which we have tried to explain a few:

Analyst: An embroidery digitiser not only needs to analyze and understand the machinery he is working with in order to get the best results, but also understand the computer in order to work the software in the desired manner. He has to be an expert analyst of both to be able to use their synergies to get the desired results.

Visionary: The embroidery digitiser has to be a visionary in order to pre-conceive the results of a particular change. He also needs to be a visionary to be able to foresee whether a particular design is embroidery-friendly, and how he can make it embroidery-ready without losing its identity and with the least amount of changes.

Researcher: An embroidery digitiser needs to take on the role of a researcher and experiment with a variety of colors and stitch patterns to be able to bring you an end result that perfectly matches your creation. Researching font types and the sort of needle work that would best complement it tend to be the trickiest areas.

Trouble Shooter: The embroidery digitiser also needs to be a remarkable trouble-shooter in order to arrive at the desired result. He needs to take into account the fragility of the fabric, needle as well as the thread to be able to give you a smooth running application that brings your creation to life with the least possible amounts of hitches.

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