Friday, 18 October 2013

Excelling In Embroidery Digitizing Field

Creativity has no limit and no end. When you are working in the field of embroidery digitizing, the amount of ideas that you can implement is vast, huge and endless. It is the creative streaks that will help you come up with new and modern designs that can make your work stand out from your competitors.

What Are The Best Embroidery Digitizing Designs?

It is hard to pinpoint specific patterns and designs and hail them to be the most popular, yet ever since modern art has become trendy; a lot of quirky designs have started becoming popular.

Abstract art and modern art go hand in hand and they are the forms of art that allow you to express maximum creativity. So, when you are designing the embroidery to be digitized, you can fiddle with your imagination and paint your thoughts. The artwork that is weaved is likely to be effective and brilliant.

When the digitization is to be implemented for commercial purpose, you will generally find a little brand promotion that will be carried out. So, embroidering the brand label is a thing that you need to be careful about. Check out the details of the brand logo, brand slogan or even the tagline and name as well.

Incorporating either of the above symbols may be mandatory as it helps in efficient branding.

Are Vibrant Colors In?

Often people question about the play of colors. When you are going to implement embroidery digitizing in making fabrics or even caps and other apparels, the play of colors is extremely crucial. Vibrant and funky shades are in vogue and when you look at bright pieces of colored embroidery, you are sure to gaze at it with admiration in your eyes.

So, if you have a fetish for using bright and loud colors in your embroidery artwork, feel free to do so as they rev up the appeal of your work and is sure to be applauded as well. However, make sure to check that the colors blend well with each other.

These days, you can also find contrast coloring in vogue too. You can find embroidery digitizing works that bear sharp color contrast as red can be mixed with violet and green is present with yellow as well. Hence, creativity has taken a huge jump and embroidery digitizing is also feeling the changes.

So, if you are sure about a color combination, you can implement it and be hopeful that the work will come to life after it has been digitized. Keeping these points in mind will help you in carrying out embroidery digitizing work with flawless perfection. The best digitized designs that sell the most in the market are the ones that exude clarity, finesse and creativity.

Powerstitch Design Studio is one of the leading firms in the field of embroidery digitizing. Their digitizers have worked on numerous designs and in a short timeframe; they can churn out some of the highest quality of work. Not only this, their competitive pricing makes them one of the most recommended choices among people.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Best Embroidery Digitiser Ideas for Kid Products

When you are looking for the brightest and the best embroidery digitiser ideas for kid products, you can make use of the following points as they are some of the best formula that is likely to be successful.

Choose A Trending Theme

Children love cartoons. There are a lot of trending cartoon characters that are a huge hit among children. There was a time when Disney was the ruling cartoon choice; however, the options have diversified and there are a lot of new superheroes that have come up.

So, feel free to choose a theme that pertains to children. You can design the whole embroidery on lines of Alvin the chipmunk which is a rage among children these days. The evergreen Mickey Mouse is sure to be popular among children too. So, if you are opting for embroidery digitiser designs for kids, you should choose the best themes and design the whole pattern around the same lines.

Keep the Shades Tangy

When you are looking for the best embroidery digitiser ideas for kids, the colors will play a huge role. Kids have a flare for bright shades as the tangy and vibrant colors helps in making them happy. If you are aware of color therapy, you will find that it is bright colors that help in infusing the right energy levels and enhancing the happiness factor for kids as well. So, you should not resort to dark and dull shades; rather stick to bright colors like red, pink, bright blue, yellow and orange.

Use of dark and subtle shades is not banned, but you should keep their quantity low because they take away the brightness from the stuffs.

Mix and Mash The Designs

Do not have a boring and monotonous pattern for your embroidery digitiser design. In order to come up with layouts that are catchy and engaging and can capture the attention of children, you should try to come up with some designs and try to mix and mash them with each other. Do not be repetitive because children are explorers at heart. They are always looking to find new things that can entice them and give them something to be preoccupied.

So, brainstorm and come up with new ideas. By opting for a mix and mash of different ideas, you can create entirely new themes as well.

Keep Scope for Personalization

When you are working in the field of embroidery digitiser, you can provide the option to customize the products. There are a lot of different ways in which you can personalize the stuffs. Upon special ordering, you can embroider the names and get it digitized. Further, if you have orders for making embroidery digitiser caps for birthday parties, you can choose to have a customized message on the caps too.

These are some of the ideas and tips that you should implement when designing embroidery digitiser products for kids.

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