Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Where Affordability Meets A Quality Digitising Embroidery Service

At Powerstitch, we have always believed in providing quality services at the best possible prices to our clients. For this, we offer digitising embroidery designs at some of the most competitive prices in the industry, and are also open to challenging competitor prices. We believe that our clients should benefit from the complete package and thus, offer quality, a fast turnaround time and the services of the best digitizers in the industry, all at a price that is easy on your pocket.

With over 8 years of delivering excellence in the industry of digitising embroidery, we have developed a unique workflow system that helps us cater to your needs efficiently. Treating digitising embroidery designs as both an art and a science, we have been able to develop a keen sense of understanding on where and how we can pass on the benefit of costs to you. Our team of skilled digitizers operates at optimal productivity levels, which is one of the reasons why we are able to transfer the advantages of cost savings to you.

Our dedicated team is always on their toes trying to come up with new schemes and offers that can help first timers enjoy the benefits of our digitising embroidery service at a fine price. Currently, we are offering to digitize the first three designs for you at just £6 each, giving you the opportunity to sample our services at a highly effective price. While this is only one of our initiatives, you could either request a free quote online, or fill in the digitising embroidery order form available on our website, so that our checking team can get back to you with the best possible package we would have to offer you.

Recognizing that each client has requirements unique to them, we offer customized prices for our services, ensuring that you get absolute value for money.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Collaborate Now For the Best Embroidery Digitising Service Experience

The embroidery service industry has become quite a competitive space. It is no longer the industry that would receive select orders with liberal timelines. With the global market taking on an aggressive streak, embroidery service providers too have to deal with bulk orders and tight timelines. With clients ranging from design houses to event managers and even corporations, embroidery service providers need to get up to speed and fast. This is where collaborating with a dedicated embroidery digitising service provider can come in handy.

While your team takes care of arranging for the fabrics to the needles and everything in between, we can help them make good time on orders by supporting them with our expert embroidery digitising services. No matter how intricate or elaborate the artwork, we are capable of turning it into the digitized format of your choice. Our highly skilled and trained team of digitizers is capable of handling bulk orders with ease. With up to 15 work stations available to work on your designs, we are certain that we can help you meet the timeline of any client, no matter how demanding.

With a dedicated embroidery digitising service provider at your discretion, your team will now have the time and space to do what they excel at. We further add to the efficiency of our collaboration by maintaining an affordable, flat rate of pricing. Unlike many other embroidery digitising service providers, we do not believe in charging per 1000 stitches and offer flat rate pricing on hat, left chest and full back logos for your convenience. We also have a dedicated team for online support in case you or your customers have any issues.

Irrespective of whether you already have a digitizer on your team and need urgent support, or you wish to outsource, we offer you professional collaboration on embroidery digitising services with the aim to give you the best experience with affordable prices, quick turnarounds and superior quality digitization.