Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Touch of Uniqueness for Every Uniform

Be it a music society, algebra society, aerobics society or dramatics society, every society in school means a lot to the students who are a part of it. And, just like the students and activities that each society undertakes, the uniform of each society should also be distinguished so that it stands out from the others. It is therefore, a good idea to have separate uniforms for each society, or at least have a different logo for each one, so that it represents the kind of virtues that each society stands for. It is these small things that combine to make a school the best institution of learning in any locality. The precision in everything and the love for discipline are the values that a school inculcates in young brains studying in it. This is where an embroidery digitising service comes into play, to add a unique sparkle to every student’s uniform and life alike.  

At Powerstitch, we have been adding a distinguished touch of logos to school uniforms in a variety of geographies. The idea is to let the uniqueness of every society shine through from amongst the uniformity of characters. Embroidery digitising service is one procedure that enables you to stamp the uniforms with a fresh perspective and give students something to reckon with.  The embroidery digitising service offered by Powerstitch has been said to be excellent, as we aim at offering only the best to our clients.

Embroidery digitising service is the process of converting designs into digitized formats, which are readable by embroidery machines. These smart machines then sew the designs onto the fabric of your choice with extreme precision and speed. Bespoke embroidery digitising services have brought about a revolution of sorts as they allow one to produce bulk orders in no time.

Being associated with experts such as Powerstitch helps you get the best of embroidery digitizing services. We not only make sure that our digitized files are in accordance with your instructions, but also that they rank high on quality, run smoothly during production, all the while being easy on your budget, to offer your students keepsakes instead of uniforms that are cherished for long even after graduation.