Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Digitizing Embroidery for Sororities

The freshman year is one of the most exciting times in any individual’s life. It is the first formal step into adult life and a time to enrich one’s being with lessons and experiences that hold value for the rest of one’s existence. At such an exciting yet vulnerable time, being part of a sorority not only helps students find their grounding, but also surround themselves with like-minded people with whom they can easily share their thoughts and ideas. It is a great time for bonding with peers as well as seniors. And, at a time like this, dressing up your sorority mates in the motto of your house with the help of Embroidery Digitizing holds utmost importance.

Whether you wish your sorority folks to wear caps, jackets or jerseys featuring your motto, you can easily recreate your designs into sewed on artwork with the help of a digitizing embroidery service provider like Powerstitch. At Powerstitch, all you need to do is to send in your logo, motto or other artwork and we instantly begin the process of digitizing embroidery after a quick analysis for feasibility. The feasibility analysis is important, as not all artwork may be inherently suited to be turned into embroidered pieces and certain tweaks may be necessary to help it adapt to the fabric of your choice. However, once the analysis is done, it is only a matter of a couple of hours and you can hope to see the digitized files.

By opting to go for digitizing embroidery for your sorority logo, you essentially give the gift of lifelong memories to your mates. Embroidery is known to outlast its printed peers by far. Also, since embroidery does not need exceptional care while washing or ironing, you can be assured of freshmen thanking you for a no-fuss choice in clothing. Embroidery also tends to stay intact for years, if kept decently, with very little or no chances of colors fading away.


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