Friday, 5 July 2013

Embroidery Digitizing Vs. Screen Printing

When it comes to getting your logo or brand name placed onto fabric, whether it is for use in a uniform, merchandise or freebies, getting confused between choosing to go with screen printing or embroidery digitizing seems to be quite common. Most people are unable to make up their mind, and even after choosing to go with one, keep wondering whether the other would have made a better choice. This is why we have chosen to break down the differences between screen printing and embroidery digitizing, so that you can make a clear choice for yourself and know exactly why.

Longevity – It is a well known fact that embroidery tends to last longer than prints. This advantage is an inherent quality, since embroidery thread is usually tougher and more resilient than print to regular washing and ironing activities. By choosing to go for embroidery digitizing, you automatically pick a longer-lasting marketing solution, which in turn means more impressions by default.

Care – Since embroidery behaves almost like the rest of the fabric it is sewed onto, it only needs as much care as one would tend to give their garments. This means embroidery would not require any extra attention to keep it bright and shiny for longer. However, on the other hand, most of us are familiar that printed material tends to get ruined at the slightest touch of a hot iron and regular washing tends to fade out the colors as well as crack the images.

Re-Use – By virtue of the above inherent advantages, embroidered material has more chances of being used over and over again. This not only gives your brand more exposure, but also offers you more value for your money.

Cost – If you are only looking at the cost alone of producing your uniforms or merchandise, then screen printing is the cheaper option hands down. However, with embroidery digitising solutions lasting longer, requiring less care and entailing great re-use value, you will notice that it shall prove to be a more cost-effective solution in the long run.


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