Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Digitizing Embroidery – Equipment

You may wonder what sort of equipment a seasoned embroiderer would have in their workshop. Let’s look at what a typical embroiderer who enjoys doing Digitizing Embroidery would use and why. This is also a good overview if you’re considering purchasing your own equipment.

Often sewers learn to sew from someone in their family at a young age. It’s possible that you did too and that you may not even have been that interested at the time. But as one grows up and realizes the cost of clothing, being able to sew and indeed accessorizing items with the use of digitizing embroidery may become an enticing concept.

So, the best place to start is with a reasonably priced sewing machine and eventually includes items like a sewing box and serger to your growing collection. You will then need to outfit your sewing box with essentials like notions, pins, needles, bias tape, and buttons and so on.

Many a sewer will set up in a room or corner of their home and eventually start finding or taking on part time work for both experience and extra income. As you begin to grow so will your fabric stash and chances are you’ll need a bigger space for equipment and products and so you will begin to look into upgrading your equipment. Fortunately, serger and sewing machine technologies don’t move forward very quickly so investing in the best machine you can afford to start out with is a good idea.


There are two main types of sergers. There are the cheaper kinds that can be purchased in main stores or top of the range types that can be found at specialized sewing stores. Of course, the cheaper models are just fine for casual sewers who don’t plan on using them extensively, but if you are serious about sewing your money is better spent on the most expensive models which are generally built better, function better and last a very long time.

If you have been an ardent sewer for a long time, embroidery may seem somewhat fussy and complicated what with all the hoops, stabilizers and computer programming that allow machines to sew on their own!

But if you love the look of beautifully adorned items or even gorgeous vintage clothing, then embroidery and indeed Embroidery Digitizing is the way to go! Take vintage clothing for example, recreating looks is made simple thanks to the software and equipment that allow you to virtually make your own fabric.

To make things even easier, there are embroidery machines that have loads of pre-programmed graphics that make recreating patterns a sheer pleasure.