Monday, 26 August 2013

Digitising Embroidery for an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

With issues such as global warming and excessive use of chemicals in day-to-day living threatening the future of our planet, it only makes sense to make choices on an individual level that add up to create a safer environment for future generations. For those who love to follow a partially or strictly organic lifestyle, digitising embroidery can prove to be a great blessing.

Whether you are a design house or an individual, by choosing to give your designs for digitising embroidery, you choose to make a safer choice in embellishments, while staying fashionable and trendy. By choosing to get your designs embroidered, you not only keep yourself away from the harsh paints and chemicals generally used for printing on fabrics, but also do away with the need for artificial embellishments, which can again be quite hazardous if ingested by children or pets.

Contrary to popular belief, with the advent of digitising embroidery, you can now choose to get a range of simple to complex designs embroidered onto a variety of fabrics. With the help of digitising embroidery, you can custom design just about anything, from your tote bag to denims and even leather jacket. It’s as simple as picking a design off the internet and getting your digitizer working on how to best incorporate it onto the fabric of your choice.

Since embroidery does not require the use of harsh chemicals during the digitizing embroidery process, stitching process or even later when washing, it becomes one of the most eco-friendly ways to pep up your wardrobe. You could also go ahead to jazz up any old or new addition to your wardrobe with embroidery, since there are no such restrictions. In fact, you could even instruct your embroiderer to use only organically safe threads for your creations. And, why stop at just your wardrobe, you could also have fun playing interior designer with embroidered designs adorning your entire living space.