Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Digitizing Embroidery – An Art

Digitizing embroidery has proved to be an art form and not simply a piece of machine work. Embroidery digitizers need to have suitable embroidery digitizing software that is capable of storing the artistic thinking figure and also possess the small details of the layout, stored so that they can be used at any time. 

With the help of the embroiderydigitizing software and a skilled embroiderer, it is easier to understand the picture or text and therefore convert it into an attractive piece of stitched file. A knowledgeable embroiderer will draw each of the figures and give shape to each of the segments and layers. He or she will then form the image in such a layout that the digitizing embroidery machines will easily understand and interpret the image and produce a design of the required dimensions.

You can almost compare the process of painting and digitized embroidery: the fabric created for embroidery is the canvas and the machine that is used to embroider is the brush. The needles and threads are indeed the palettes that artists use to create their images with innovative designs. A skilled and capable embroiderer will feed the design into the machine in order for the design to be created and the machine functions as the receiver of the instructions and gets to work creating designs.

When it comes to the embroidery process, the most important work the embroiderer has to do is taking care that the information is thoroughly provided for the machine so that the final results are simply perfect. Every single detail of the design needs to be provided meticulously to the machine including: which colors are to be used for stitching.
The adjustments of the effects of light and shadows of the design also play an important role in the final product and need to be perfectly visible. 

Digitizing embroidery involves creating the image file from an idea and converting it into the embroidery output with the help of the machine. The machine will use the different formats available in the software to complete the work. It doesn’t really matter if the image is in a bitmap format or vector file as you need to convert the file into a hand-made stitch file. This method helps you to observe the final results and see the minute details such as thread colors for the sew-out. The software tools will split the minuteness of the parts of redrawing, resizing, stitching beneath as well as the overlay threads.
So digitized embroidery really is an art!

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